I am Growing Up and This Won’t Happen Anymore – The Story of Tressie


I am a 15 year old girl. I remember when I first felt that I was being bullied I was in the first grade, and this girl looked me in the eyes and told me that no one liked me and that I was stupid.

But I let the bullying continue because I was very shy, I still am but as I got older I thought “well I’m growing up and this won’t happen to me anymore.

I found out when I hit middle school I was wrong people still laughed at me called me mean names, and sometimes through things at me. But where I was shy I didn’t tell anyone not even my parents until I hit my freshman year which is still going on. I told my parents that I have been physically and emotionally abused at school, so I told my band search about it. He took it to the office, and told me that they could hardly do anything about it.

Then on April 9,2014 I got a message from my friend telling me she had found something that had to do with me so I looked at the picture and it said “Tressie M. Is a back stapping whore!.” In big letters in the bathroom at my school, so I took it to my office and they told me that all they could do was cover up the writing and because of all the years of my bullying it has put me at a slit state of depression and all I hear is words can’t hurt you only physical abuse can hurt you,and that’s My Bullying Story.

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  1. linda dawson says:

    my 8 yr.old son has been bullied for over 6 months now. He is at the point where he says he wants to die, hits himself, thinks hes stupid, ugly, etc…( i am seeking counseling) the schools policies are hugely ineffective, the one bully has hurt my child verbally, and physically (neck choking) and has yet to be suspended. shame on the school, the parents, and all else whom sits by.

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