I’m Miserable at Work – The Story of Randee

My name is Randee Olmos & I’m 24 years old.

I work at a place called *** and I’m being bullied by someone at work. They call me names, say comments to me, they cyberbully me and threaten me. I already went to HR and they heard everyone’s story but they didn’t do anything to he people that are bullying.

They told us that they would write us up, even me, when I’m the one that is just being more mature & ignoring the
people bullying me. It all started with $4.00 dollars (I owe) and one of the girls even admitted to being mad because I didn’t give her the 4.00 dollars.

I want something done to these girls! I’m miserable at work and it’s not comfortable going and focusing. I’m paranoid and cannot concentrate.

Thank you for hearing my story.

Randee. <3

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