Bullying needs to stop at home first – The story of Megan

This is my story….I feel bullying starts at home and with parents being the example.

I divorced my husband in 2010 (I left him in August 2010 and it was final in December 2010). We came to a mutual agreement on how to raise our children.

I left him because of his sexual and mental abuse (now I know he was trying to control me). I also left him to set the example for our 2 children that his behavior is not good (they were 3 and 6 at the time).

Exactly 1 year after the divorce in January 2011 my ex-husband took me back to court. He wanted to change the conditions of the divorce. Around 8 months later (October 2012) we went to mediation and settled on new parenting terms. He had to pay $9500 in my legal fees because I was able to prove I never kept the kids away from him.

A week or so after this settlement my ex and I got into a texting battle and he texted me it was well worth spending $26000 against me (I felt 2 feet tall). This man makes good money, and I’m a stay at home mom. Now exactly another year later in October 2013, he asks again to change the agreed terms of parenting. I told him no and now he threatens that if I don’t agree to his terms, he’ll seek legal action. I get email after email from him with threats. Legally he can open up orders year after year.

This is just another form of bullying and it starts with the parents.

I would like more information on how to help change laws, it starts with the parents. Battling at the school level I feel it’s too late. The bullying needs to stop at home first.

Megan Wharry from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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