Teacher’s Aide Bullying my Child – The Story of Mary*

Hi my name is Mary Lewis*, my daughters name is Janine Lewis*. She is 6 years old and she is in Kindergarten! My daughter is being bullied by a teacher’s aide at her school!

The first time it was during a Spring Fling dance her and another girl was running and she screamed very loudly in a mean way to my child. I was there at this dance. My daughter ran to me in tears! There were other children that were doing the same thing, some were doing flips and nothing was said to these children. I let it go and didn’t say anything.

The second time this teacher’s aide bullied my child was when we had to meet her teacher one afternoon to pick up some things after school. The teacher was in a meeting so we were hanging out with her son and other students in the class room. My daughter and son and some of his friends were outside the door waiting for the teacher to get back from her meeting. The teacher’s aide approached my daughter in a screaming tone What are you doing here? I came outside the door to see what was going on… I let it go!

The third time was on a school reading trip. My daughter has speech problems so this trip meant a lot to her. She got on the bus in front of everyone and screamed at her… saying she did things which she didn’t. There were a couple of teachers that stood up for my daughter and these teachers went to the principal after school! My daughter came home crying and very upset saying she never wanted to go on another field trip or a school activity without me
being present.

Me and my husband went to the school the next day and meet with the principal…. We told him the incidents that has happened. He said he would talk to her and get back with me and promised my daughter this would never happen again!

The fourth incident with this teacher’s aide was when I picked up my daughter from school one morning to take her to get her glasses! She was running to me and the teacher’s aide verbally said to my child in a screaming matter Janine don’t run in the hallway! There were witnesses to all of these incidents. The way she screamed at my daughter you would have thought she had did some crime! There is a right way to do things and this teacher is out of control! My daughter came to me very upset and I went to the office and told the office secretary what had happened. If I wasn’t in such a hurry I would have meet with the principal. To make matters worse this teacher’s aide is the niece of the Superintendent in our district.

Please help if you can so my daughter can get some justice and this teacher aide will stop her verbally bullying my daughter. Please leave our names out!

*Names of people were changed as requested by author.

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