What would happen if we press charges? – The Story of Krysta

So, I’m going into my freshman year in August.

In sixth grade, my friend of 5 years, Riley, and I became friends with a girl named Tara. She was always into boys and if a boy liked either me or Riley she’d get pissed because that meant one less guy drooling over her.

So in sixth grade, I never said anything, in seventh grade she found a new friend then moved to Montana. When she got back 8th grade year, I became
friends with her again, and she and my friends became friends.

Well she decided to post a video of her twerking online, and I said she should probably take it down, because everyone already thought she was easy and called her a w***e and stuff, so she got p****d at me.

She did everything she could to get my friends to dislike me, she even took one of their phones and pretending to be them and told me we weren’t friends. Earlier this morning, I was snapchatting my friend, Adrianna, and we have our own inside joke with her cousin. So she said part of it, then I finished it, and I put it in my story to.

Tara thought it was about her, and my ex friend, so she called me a jealous b**ch. I told her my snapchat was a inside joke and wasn’t about her. She flipped out, and started telling me she would keep harassing me until I delete my pictures of me and my friends on Facebook. I told her
I wouldn’t. So she said well we aren’t friends anymore, I’ve spent all day deleting my pictures with my friends, and the ones with your ugly a** face.

So I told her to leave me alone, instead she brought up the twerking thing from like almost a year ago, trying to start more drama. When I didn’t keep the drama going, she started calling me a h*e, and a hypocrite, and an attention w***e. So I just blocked her, so she couldn’t harass me anymore.

I told my dad, and sent him the screenshots of our conversation (I still have them) and he said he wanted to press charges. If he did, what would happen?


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