I am doing nothing. She is BULLYING! – The story of Barb


I have been bullied for years now. My [adult] next-door neighbor allowed her mother to bring her spoiled, vicious dog to her house. The mother stayed inside working on the computer, did not watch the dog. It barked incessantly, and charged the fence every time it saw me, trying with all its might to get over the fence.

I tried explaining that the barking was against the ordinance. Her mother was extremely angry that I said something, and the daughter has continued her anger for five years now.

Every time I go out when their [good] dog is out . . . when my little dog goes potty . . . and their dog rushes down to say hello to my dog, the wife calls her dog away from the fence [for no reason]. I have asked them to please stop this. The woman is very bitter, and says mean, unkind things. She has enlisted her children to do the same thing.

Instead of correcting the situation in the first place, the woman is angry and bitter, and carries a grudge. She continues to bully five years later–every single time I go out, she is calling her [good] dog away from the fence, who is doing nothing but saying hello. I am doing nothing. My little dog is doing nothing. Her dog is doing nothing.

She is the one doing something—BULLYING!

It makes life very hard.


P.S. I am sad all the time, because I don’t see any relief from the next-door neighbor’s bullying. She has a husband, and while he doesn’t [overtly] bully, he goes along with it. And, as I mentioned, she has incorporated her whole family into her bullying behavior.

I had the same neighbor for over sixteen years. She was a retired school-teacher who was educated and well-read. We got along great. I don’t think I caused her a moment of unpleasantness, and she was good to me, as well. Today, the neighborhood has changed, and people do as they please.

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