Bullying Laws in Nevada

Key Points in the Anti Bullying Laws in Nevada

  • No specific groups are listed under the anti-bullying law.
  • Harassment and Intimidation Act was introduced in 2005 and signed by Nevada Governor, Kenny C. Guinn.
  • Under this act, “all persons in public schools are entitled to maintain their own beliefs and to respectfully disagree without resorting to violence, harassment or intimidation.”
  • Definition of terms
    • Bullying – willful act by a student that exposes another student repeatedly, to an act that is highly offensive and causes the student to suffer harm or serious emotional distress.
    • Harassment
    • Intimidation
    • Cyber-bullying
    • Electronic Communication
    • Bullying Laws in NevadaLegislative declaration concerning safe and respectful learning environment
    • Policy by Department concerning safe and respectful learning environment
    • Adoption of policy by school districts for provision of safe and respectful learning environment
    • Training to school personnel
      • Training in the appropriate methods to facilitate positive human relations among pupils without the use of bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation so that pupils may realize their full academic and personal potential
      • Methods to improve the school environment in a manner that will facilitate positive human relations among pupils
      • Annual report of violations
      • Bullying, Cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation prohibited
      • School officials prohibited from interfering with disclosure of violations
      • Immunity for reporting of violations and exceptions
      • Text of certain provisions required to be included in rules of behavior
      • Policy for the ethical, safe and secure use of computers and other electronic devices
      • Cyber-bullying

Bullying Laws in Nevada – Model Policy:

  • Available in the Nevada Department of Education upon request
  • Nevada Department of Education Model School District Policy
  • Safe and Respectful Learning Environment (SRLE)

Healthy Workplace Bill in Nevada

The state of Nevada was the 16th to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill. In 2009, the bill was introduced by Assemblyman Tick Segerblom. An unusual bill was called AB 90, it is a unique bill created not by WBI Legislative Campaign but by an Assemblyman. The bill modified the civil rights code and included the abusive conduct as part of the illegal employment practices.

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