Bullying Laws in Nebraska

Key Points in the Anti Bullying Laws in Nebraska:

  • Nebraska Legislature passed a bill in January 2008 forcing the school districts to set anti-bullying policies.
  • Sen. Gwen Howard was the one who introduced LB 205.
  • The bill did not specifically dictate necessary actions that school districts should be applying to prevent bullying.
  • Cyber-bullying is covered by the state law.
  • Revised statutes on Student conduct constituting grounds for long-term suspension and expulsion
    • When student is on school grounds
    • in a vehicle owned or leased
    • contracted by a school being used for a school purpose or in a vehicle being driven for a school purpose by a school employee or by his or her designee
    • at a school-sponsored activity or athletic event

Bullying Laws in NebraskaThe revised statues should apply to the following:

  • Use of violence, force, coercion, threat, intimidation, or similar conduct in a manner that constitutes a substantial interference with school purposes
  • Willfully causing or attempting to cause substantial damage to property
  • Causing or attempting to cause personal injury to a school employee, to a school volunteer, or to any student
  • Threatening or intimidating any student for the purpose of or with the intent of obtaining money or anything of value from such student

Key Components:

  • Scope
  • Prohibited Behavior
  • Consequences

Bullying Laws in Nebraska – Model Policy

The state model policy for anti-bullying can be found in the Nebraska State Board of Education. Additional information on anti-bullying can be found in their official website. Some interesting information are:

  • Board Policy: Anti-Bullying
  •  Anti-Bullying Bylaw and Policy Reference Manual
  • Implementation Plan to Address Bullying in Schools
  • Considerations for Policy Development
  • Program Development
  • Staff Development
  • Parent Information

Meanwhile, at the Nebraska Department of Education, an available copy of “Bullying Prevention” can be found.

Healthy Workplace Bill in Nebraska

Nebraska needs 90 more signed petitions so that the Healthy Workplace Bill will be passed to the state’s legislators. The bill defines abusive workplaces, behaviors and employers. More locals will be more than benefitted if the bill will be passed and eventually becomes a law for them to enjoy working without the hassle of experiencing workplace bullying day in and day out.

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