Bullying Laws in Kentucky

Although predominantly, the bullying laws in Kentucky use the term “harassment,” it also equally defines bullying. The state also has an available model policy available at the Kentucky Department of Education.

Key Points of the Bullying Laws in Kentucky:

Administrative regulation relating to school safety

  • Role of department of education to maintain statewide data collection system
  • Reportable incidents
  • Annual statistical reports
  • Confidentiality
  • Rights of parents, legal guardians, or other persons exercising custodial supervision
  • Data collection
  • Harassment – definition of the term.

Bullying Laws in KentuckyA person who has the intention to alarm, annoy, harass, and intimidate, another person, he:

  • Kicks, strikes, shoves or subject a person to physical contact
  • Attempts to threatens to kicks, strikes, shoves or subject a person to physical contact
  • Makes offensive display, gesture, or utterance, or uses abusive language to any person publicly
  • Stalking
  • Repeatedly commits acts which alarm or annoy a person
  • While on school premises, he
    • Damages or commits thievery
    • Substantially disrupts the school operation
    • Creates hostile environment to cause physical harm, humiliation, intimidation, or embarrassment by:
      • Gesture
      • Written communication
      • Oral statement
      • Physical acts
      • Harassing communications– with the intention to alarm, annoy, intimidate, and/or harass other person by:
        •  Communicates with the person anonymously or otherwise which is alarming or annoying  using:
          • Telephone
          • Telegraph
          • Mail
          • Other forms of written communication
  • Makes phone call with no purpose of legitimate issues
  • Communicates with the person that made him suffer from fear of:
    • Physical harm
    • Intimidation
    • Humiliation
    • Embarrassment using:
      • Telephone
      • Internet
      • Telegraph
      • Mail
      • Other electronic communication
      • Other written communication

Healthy Workplace Bill in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has not yet introduced the Healthy Workplace Bill to give safer workplace environment to its local employees against abusive work environment. Kentucky still has a long way to go to pass the bill. Currently, there are only 8 signed petitions. 92 more signatures are needed to pass the bill to the Kentucky State Legislators.

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