Bullying Laws in Indiana

The policies and anti bullying laws in Indiana cover cyber-bullying as stated in Section 13.5 of Indiana State Law. Currently, no model policy is available for anti-bullying that can be accessed in the state’s Educational Department.

Like most states in the USA, Indiana State Law clearly identified bullying and the area references. It also provides the scope of the bullying policy as well as the prohibited behavior. It also includes reporting, investigations and consequences. Training and Prevention are additional components that the state’s law has provided.

Bullying Laws in IndianaKey Points of the Anti Bullying Laws in Indiana:

  • Definition of Bullying– overt, repeated acts of gestures including:
    • Verbal or written communications transmitted
    • Physical acts
    • Any other behaviors committed

By a student to another student with intentions to harass, harm, humiliate, intimidate, or ridicule other students.

  • Discipline rules in prohibiting bullying
    • A statement that prohibits bullying
    • Inclusion of:
      • Parental involvement
      • Intervention
      • Investigation
      • Reporting
      • Discipline rules application:
        • School grounds
          • Immediately before school hours
          • During school hours
          • Immediately after school hours
          • Any other time when a school is being used by a school group
  • Off-school grounds during:
    • School activities
    • Functions
    • Events
  • Travelling to or from school provided by the school
  • Using school property or equipment
  • Bullying using data or computer software accessed through
    • Computer
    • Computer system
    • Computer network

Healthy Workplace Bill in Indiana

It looks like Indiana still has a lot of home works to do to add more teeth on their anti-bullying law. It concerns not only bullying in school premises but also in workplaces. Currently, only 9 signatories are present to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill to the Indiana State Legislators. Indiana still has a steep journey to go through so the entire state could reach its goal to be bully-free.

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