Bullying Laws in Georgia

Like most states, Georgia also has its own Law and policies against bullying. The anti bullying laws in Georgia also cover cyber-bullying. Although no groups are listed in the bullying law, policies of the states clearly identified the group listings that can benefit.

Key Points on the Anti Bullying Laws in Georgia:

Bullying Laws in GeorgiaDefinition of bullying

  • Act which occurs in:
    • School property
    • School vehicles
    • Designated school bus
    • School related functions and activities
    • Use of data or software in local school system including:
      • Computer
      • Computer system
      • Computer network
      • Other electronic technology

Attempts or threats to inflict injury to other person

Intentional display of force to give reasons for the victims to fear

Intentional written, verbal, or physical acts with the intention to threaten, harass or intimidate other person.

Disrupting the orderliness in school

Tasks of local board of education:

  • Adopting a policy that prohibits bullying
  • Method to notify parents or guardians of the victims regarding the bullying issue
  • Penalties

Bullying Laws in Georgia – Model Policy:

Model policy is available in Georgia Department of Education

  • Statement prohibiting bullying
  • Requirement for any school employees to immediately report any information regarding bullying.
  • Procedure for school administration to investigate the incident.
  • Consequences of bullying
  • Procedure for reporting bullying acts in writing
  • Statement prohibiting retaliation following a report filed regarding bullying

Both the state law and the model policy included additional components to strengthen the fight against bullying. Communication as well as training and prevention are encouraged for school personnel to be on guard against any imminent threats of bullying in and around the campus.

Healthy Workplace Bill in Georgia

At this moment, Georgia has not yet passed a bill protecting employees from bullying acts and actions in their workplaces. The petition letter for Healthy Workplace Bill was initiated by Gary Namie. Georgia needs 80 more signatures petitioning Georgia State Legislators for the bill to be approved.

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