Bullying Laws in Delaware

The anti bullying laws in Delaware and Model Policy on bullying use the term “bullying” and also cover cyber-bullying.

Key Components of the Anti Bullying Laws in Delaware:

School Bullying Prevention

Definition of bullying – any intentional electronic, physical, written, verbal, acts against other students, school volunteers, that may had damaging effects such as:

  •   Placing the victim in reasonable fear or substantial harm to his:
    • Emotion
    • Physical well-being
    • Property
  • Bullying Laws in DelawareEducational environment became:
    • Abusive
    • Hostile
    • Humiliating
    • Threatening
  • Interfering with safe school environment
  • Perpetuating bullying by inciting or coercing groups to do something to other student/s:
    • Demean
    • Dehumanize
    • Embarrass
    • Cause harm
      • Physically
      • Emotionally
      • Psychologically

Prohibition of bullying

  • School districts of the state must prohibit bullying, reprisal, retaliation, and false accusation against a target or a witness or one with information on bullying.
  • Each school district should establish a policy against bullying which contain:
    • Definition
    • Direction
    • Requirement for site-based committee
    • Reporting
    • Investigation
    • Systematical plan
    • Identification of appropriate range of consequences for bullying
    • Reporting by parents/guardians
    • Reporting to Department of Education
    • Prohibition on retaliation
    • Communication between school personnel and medical professionals
    • Implementation

Dissemination of policy and accountability

Duties of Department of Education

Immunity – One who reports any incident or bullying should be immune from damages from his act of reporting the incident.

Other offenses

Relationship to school crime reporting law

Rules and regulations

School Bullying Prevention and Criminal Youth Gang Detection Training

  • Public school employees should acquire training annually. Training materials are prepared by the Department of Education and Department of Justice along with law enforcement agencies.

Bullying Laws in Delaware – Model Policy:

Delaware Model Policy is available at Delaware Department of Education.

Healthy Workplace Bill in Delaware

Meanwhile, the state has not yet passed any Healthy Workplace Bill which may cover protection against bullying not only in and around campus but in several work areas as well.

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