Bullying Laws in Connecticut

The anti bullying laws in Connecticut cover also cyber bullying among all other forms of bullying.

Key Components of the Anti Bullying Laws in Connecticut:

Definition of Bullying:

Any overt acts by student/s against another student with the intention to:

  • Harass
  • Humiliate
  • Intimidate
  • Ridicule

other students at:

  • School grounds
  • School sponsored activities
  • School Bus

Bullying Laws in ConnecticutPolicy on Bullying Behavior

  • Encourages students to report bullying acts to teachers and school administrators. They should be notified annually about the process of their report.
  • Encourages parents or guardians of students to file written report about any bullying incidents.
  • Encourages school employees to report any bullying incidents in writing.
  • School administrators should investigate the issue. They should also investigate bullying reports filed anonymously.
  • Invitation to at least one meeting the parents/guardian of the victims of bullying as well as those who bullied.
  • Keep record of bullying incidents available for public inspection
  • Analysis of Bullying Policies
    • Review and analyze policies submitted to the department.
    • Examine relationship between bullying, school outcomes, and school climate.
    • Document school district’s technical assistance as well as training related to safe learning against bullying.
    • Information gathering on prevention and intervention strategies.
    • Develop model policies for Grades Kindergarten to 12.

Bullying Laws in Connecticut – Model Policy:

Meanwhile, the state’s model policy is available through Connecticut Association of Boards of Education. It clearly identifies the term “bullying” including prohibited behaviors and specific groups that are covered by the policy. Components of the model policy include:

  • Consequences
  • Investigation
  • Mental Health
  • Reporting
  • Written Records

Healthy Workplace Bill in Connecticut

Just this year, Connecticut has passed the Healthy Workplace Bill, making them the 12th state to have introduced such statute.

SB 154 (Act Concerning State Employees and Violence and Abusive Conduct in the Workplace) features:

Definition of workplace bullying.

  • Verbal abuse
  • Offensive conduct
  • Offensive behaviors including non-verbal
  • Work interference or sabotage
  • Designated agencies will monitor reports concerning bullying incidents and investigations.
  •  If budget allows after one whole year, bullying policies about bullying will be developed by designated state agencies.

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