Bullying Laws in Colorado

In the anti bullying laws in Colorado, the term “bullying” is also the term used to identify any forms of bullying acts within the coverage of Colorado Revised Statutes. Model Policy is available through Colorado Attorney General. It specifically identified “bullying” as “any written or verbal expression, or physical act or gesture, or pattern thereof” and that the incidents happened at:

  • Around school property
  • School grounds
  • School vehicles
  • Designated school bus stops
  • School activities
  • Sanctioned events

Bullying Laws in ColoradoKey Points in the Anti Bullying Laws in Colorado:

The Colorado Revised Statues identified “bullying” as:

  • Written
  • Verbal expression
  • Physical
  • Electronic
  • Gesture
  • Pattern

that has intention to coerce, intimidate, or cause any harm physically, mentally, or emotionally to any student.

Colorado Revised Statutes 22-32-109.1 (2)Community consultation on safe school plan, including conduct and discipline code.

  • Bullying is strongly prohibited to any student on the basis of his or her:
    • Academic performance
    • Ancestry
    • Disability
    • Creed
    • Color
    • National origin
    • Need for special education services
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation
  • Policy should incorporate:
    • Biennial survey
    • Character building
    • Team designation

Bullying Laws in Colorado – Best Practices for Prevention and Intervention:

  1. Create positive school environment.
  2. Identify teams that will spearhead efforts on bullying prevention.
  3. Regularly assess and monitor prevention efforts using behavioral incident data and climate survey.
  4. Encourage community support and partnerships
  5. Increase adult supervision especially on “hot spots.”
  6. When bullying incident is present or impeding, intervene appropriately, immediately, and consistently.
  7. Strong enforcement of school policies against anti-bullying
  8. Dedicate class time teaching students about bullying awareness.
  9. Utilize strategies and skills that enhance communication and relationship building.
  10. Continue implementation and monitoring of efforts.

Healthy Workplace Bill in Colorado

Currently, Colorado State Legislators have already passed its anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill. This law covers bullying in workplace areas. People in Colorado believed that without the law, employers would simply do nothing about bullying incidents that unfortunately affected a number of Americans while they are at their respective workplaces. 19 signatures have already been accumulated for the bill to be passed.

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