Bullying Laws in Arkansas

Under the bullying laws in Arkansas, the term “bullying” is clearly identified. The state has a separate law concerning harassment. With its anti-bullying law, cyber-bullying is also included aside from physical bullying. From the state’s anti-bullying policies, the following groups are listed:

  • Academic Status
  • Ancestry
  • Color
  • Disability
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Health Condition
  • National Origin
  • Physical Appearance
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Socio-Economic Status

Bullying Laws in ArkansasKey Points from the Anti Bullying Laws in Arkansas:

Definition of terms, particularly “bullying” which means intentional harassment, humiliation, intimidation, incitement of violence, and threats by a student to another student or school employee using:

  • Written
  • Verbal
  • Electronic
  • Physical acts  that result into:
    • Physical harm
    • Harm to properties
    • Substantial interference to student’s education
    • Substantial disruption of the school’s operation to provide orderliness within school property.

Bullying Laws in Arkansas – Cyber Bullying:

Definitions of cyber-bullying and behaviors that may display cyber-bullying

  • Any electronic act resulting into substantial disruption of orderliness in school and educational environment.
  • Definitions of conducts that constitute bullying.
  • Prohibition of any kind of bullying act within school premises including:
    • School vehicles/buses
    • Designated school bus stops
    • School-sponsored functions
    • School-sanctioned events
    • Consequences of bullying.
    • Reporting the bullying incident
    • Every board of directors from each school should adopt anti-bullying policies. They should also provide the necessary training to comply with the anti-bullying policies when they report or investigate a bullying issue.
    • School district should file the report with the Department of Education the copies of the policies.
    • The school principal or any school administrator who handles the issues regarding bullying should immediately investigate any reports received with regard to bullying incidents.
    • Student Services Program
      • Guidance and counseling services
      • Psychological services
      • Visiting teacher and school social work services
      • Career services
      • Group conflict resolution services
      • Health services
      • Distribution of suicide prevention public awareness program

Healthy Workplace Bill in Arkansas

The Healthy Workplace Bill has not yet been enacted in the State of Arkansas. Locals are encouraged to sign the petition. They still has a lot of work to do since the bill still needs 95 more signatures for the bill to be petitioned.

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