Bullying Laws in Alaska

The bullying laws in Alaska use terms such as harassment, intimidation and bullying. However, bullying only covers physical bullying but not cyberbullying.

Some Key Components of the Anti Bullying Laws in Alaska:

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Laws in Alaska

  • Each school district is encouraged to adopt a policy against harassment, intimidation and bullying. Students, parents, guardians, volunteers and school employees should be well-informed.
  • Active participation of parents, students, school administrators, guardians, volunteers, and community representatives is encouraged.              
  • The policy includes appropriate punishment of bullying up to expulsion from school.
  • Model Policy was constructed on 2007. Since then, training materials were disseminated in various ways including workshops, staff developmental activities, and through the use of Internet department website.

Bullying Laws in AlaskaReporting of incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying

Every school must report any incident of harassment, intimidation and bullying that resulted in expulsion.  The department then compiles the data received to the appropriate committees in Alaska House of Representatives and Senate.

Reporting, no reprisals

  • Any student, school employee, or volunteer should not retaliate or falsely accused a victim or person with information about bullying.
  • Anyone who sees harassment or bullying incident should report the incident to an appropriate school official.

Immunity from suit

Anyone who reports incidents of harassment or bullying will gain immunity from damages in reporting the incident.


In this section, “harassment, intimidation or bullying” may include intentional oral, physical or written act with the intention of frightening, harassing, intimidating, and threatening students. These terms may also mean:

  • Physically harms the student or damages his properties.
  • Substantially affecting the student’s education.
  • Is severe, persistent or pervasive that it already resulted into threatening educational environment.
  • Has substantially disruptive effect in the orderliness inside school property.
  • “School Official” may mean any school employee like teachers, administrators, non-certified support staff, or para-professional.

Healthy Workplace Bill in Alaska

The state of Alaska has not yet filed Healthy Workplace Bill to protect the rights of its local employees from being abused in their workplaces. Discussions and dialogues are being done to encourage the public and increase awareness about this new form of harassment that affects the health and work productivity of many individuals. There are currently only 5 signatures for the petition. Alaska still has a long way to go for the bill to be petitioned.

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