The Facts and Fears behind the Bullying in Schools

Bullying in schools comes in different forms. All acts of bullying that are done within the school premises are considered to be school bullying. If you are a student, you may have experienced some forms of the bullying in schools like threats, intimidation, and even physical injuries. If you are a parent, you may be concerned of your child’s safety and welfare whenever he is within the school premises. Who would not be worried?

This is what the statistics show:

  • USA – 1/3 of student from ages 12-18 have been bullied in 2007.
  • Norway – 14% of children may be a victim or a bully himself.
  • Japan – 15% of primary school students have been bullied.
  • Australia – 17% of students going to primary schools have been bullied.

Bullying in SchoolsThe Battle to Combat the Bullying in Schools

True enough, bullying in schools may be as rampant as we think it would be, but there are sure ways that school children can do to prevent themselves from being targets of this harassment.

1. Do not get offended easily. Some taunts though are not intended to demean you. Sometimes, negative remarks are just jokes blurted out harmlessly. So instead of being offended easily, simply laugh it off. Also, if a bully found out that his verbal abuses have little or no effect to you, he will eventually back off.

2. Be mild. When you respond to bullies aggressively, you are like a fuel thrown in the fire. Being aggressive will likely resort into worse scenarios.

3. Protect yourself. If the first two methods proved to be futile, look for an escape route. Immediately walk or run away when you see danger lurking from behind. But if escaping seems to be impossible, you better ward off violence as much as you can.

4. Report the incident. Talk to your parents about your experience. They can give advises to you. You can also report the incidents to your teacher or school guardians.

The Role of Parents

Of all people, parents are integral to shape the behaviors of their children. They are also the comfort arms when needed by children who have been victimized by bullying in their school. Like their children, there are things that parents should do so that the attempt to stop bullying in schools has a success.

1. Take your child’s complaints seriously. Make sure that you give your attention 100%. As soon as your child told you about a bullying incident, make sure that you immediately address the concern. Be available to your children 24/7. Listen to them intently and be empathetic. Let them feel that they are loved and protected.

2. Watch your child for some telltale signs. Is your child somewhat withdrawn? Is he sad all the time? Does he create reasons not to go to classes?

3. Helpful advisesTell your child to:

  1. Stay close only to trusted classmates or teachers.
  2. Avoid places where bullying likely occur.
  3. Adapt a friendly behavior and apply sense of humor.
  4. Project a good sense of confidence.
  5. Never teach your child to retaliate. Along with that, never tolerate any behavior at your own home that may display aggressiveness that may eventually resort into bullying.
  6. Use role-playing games with your child. This will help your child do exactly what is needed when a bullying situation occurs.

The bottom line is that as long as no kids would allow themselves to easily fall prey into the evil hands of bullies within the school campus, bullying incidents will eventually stop. Show the bullies that you are not in the school just to play his game, and firmly stick to it. Eventually, the bullying in schools will be not a part of your life.

*Image Credit: By Lphip003 at en.wikibooks [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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