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“All I wanted is the earth to open up and swallow me” – K.N. Guessan, victim of high school bullying from classmates and teachers.

 “If you go to school tomorrow, we will kill you” – a telephone threat received by Kristen, a Canadian student.

The quotes above bring our attention to some sad and horrifying bullying facts. Young and old alike have fell victims to bullying. Repetitive bullying scenarios can actually ruin the lives of many helpless individuals, leaving them emotional scars that last for a very long time.

The Bullying Facts in Figures

Bullying statistics show that it is already a global problem, much to the chagrin of many students, parents, and educators. In recent years, teenage bullying is actually one of the reasons why teens today worry so much. A recent survey confirmed that 13% of young adults in London worry bullying among the major problems that plague the youths today. Kids and teenagers are not the only ones victimized by bullying. In recent years, adult bullying has a surge in popularity. Even adults deal with this dilemma day after day especially in work environments. These bullying facts make us realize that bullying will not be gone for good.

Consider the 2010 bullying statistics:

  • Around 160,000 children miss their classes every day because of different kinds of bullying.
  • Bullycide, a term used to suicide due to bullying, has soared up in 2010.
  • Over 2.7 million students have been victimized by bullying.
  • 47% of people working have been victimized or seen bullying in their workplaces.

Bullying FactsThe Consequences of Bullying

We cannot stress enough how bullying can actually wreak havoc in many people’s lives. The end result is more alarming than we can ever say. Painful consequences brought by this menace may leave bruises and trauma that could never be healed. Here are some of the effects:

Physical Effects

Bullying has to do with emotional range that could take a total on one’s overall health. Persistent harassment may induce serious health concerns that can ruin lives. Victims can experience migraine, anxiety, lack of sleep, and even depression. In fact, the most extreme consequences of bullying are physical violence, sometimes even leading to murder and suicide.

Emotional Effects

The International Labor Organization confirmed that bullying is a psychological violence that results to emotional abuse. Victims may become withdrawn, frustrated, always tired, moody and irritable.

Impact on the Family

When faced with workplace bullying, jobs and careers are at stake. This means having little or no food on the table. Hence, every family member suffers. Families are likely to disintegrate when bullying problems are left unresolved.

Financial Strains

Especially when, the head of the household becomes the target of the bullies, it may cause his/her regular income. When this happens, the family in general will face financial strains more than they can bear.

Lifelong Consequences

Victims of bullying tend to develop inferiority complex and thus could not live life to the fullest. Bullies also encounter lifelong consequences. They tend to carry on their bullying behaviors even in adult life.

There may be anti bullying laws but proper supervision is also the key so as not to give rise to this growing concerns. As long as people in general work hand in hand with the Anti Bullying laws, there is still hope for us to believe that the bullying facts mentioned in this article will just be a nightmare that will pass eventually.

*Image Credit: Diego Grez [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons